Really now, just how stupid do spammers think we are?

Apparently they think we are just as stupid as they are. Almost every spam message has glaring grammatical and spelling errors. Some even plead for your help because they just know you are a trustworthy person that they found on the internet, but they can't use your name, just call you "Dear Friend" or Dear Sir or Madam". And sometimes they even send the message with some sort of messed up coding that should have pulled a name from a merge list. That only goes to show that they don't even understand the software enough to even use it to spam.
Also, the message generally refers to funds that are involved in something in Nigeria. Or are funds tied up in England and can't be accessed except to transfer to the United States to be invested. Amazing how many people have dead relatives in Nigeria, or rich people meet horrible ends in Nigeria. Nigeria is definitely not going on my list of places to visit before I die, it could be the last place I visit.
Kind of makes you wonder how many people actually respond to these types of messages. Must be a fair number of people replying, otherwise why would they keep sending the same types of messages over and over. You'd think that they would get the idea that this type of message doesn't work and it would not be used any longer, but it seems like they keep sending them over and over.
 Maybe it is just my type of mindset, but all of these messages with such glaring logical errors and silly assumptions (I don't know you but you are honest) scream out to me that the people sending them must be some sort of idiot. And if they are continuing to send out these messages in hope of getting people to send them money and/or information to use for identify theft, they must be finding other idiots who fall for that sort of scam. At least the con artists who come up to their marks and talk to them face-to-face have some skill in choosing their "target" and dealing with them. These people are doing the equivalent of trying to kill a mosquito by using a shotgun with shells loaded with fine grain sand. There is always the slightest possibility that one of the grains of sand will hit the mosquito even though it is extremely unlikely.

The list at the left is the subject lines of the messages I am getting. Click on a line to see each example I have been getting. The newest messages are at the top of the list.